Coming Home Outfits for Newborns

Coming Home Outfits for Newborns

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Coming Home Outfits for Newborns


Preparing for your sweet baby’s arrival is equal parts exciting, overwhelming, and let’s be real..a little terrifying. With so many things on your mind, sometimes baby’s outfits aren’t at the top of the list. Having a few outfit options in mind will help ease any stress as you are packing up your hospital bag. Take it from us - we were both quite ill prepared for cute outfits to go home in (or really any outfits in general). Poor Miller was pretty much naked the whole time + Jett peed through his one outfit + then rocked a sporty gifted outfit (although cute..didn’t really fit the aesthetic ☺️)


We have several styles in the shop that will make a perfect coming home outfit for your newborn. Why shouldn’t they have an outfit you love for such a big day in your life?! We will break it down into four categories: zip footie, layette set, gown, and separates. An added bonus is that most of our items are gender neutral, and will make great options even if you aren’t finding out gender until birth.


What size should I buy?


Here’s a tip for you: include both newborn and size 0-3M clothing for coming home outfit options . Many people advise against buying too many items in newborn size as they grow out of it so quickly. However, we do wish we had more in that size. They may be in it for a week or a month, it really depends on baby’s weight at birth. But when focusing on a nice coming home outfit, you want it to fit well and not be too large and bulky.

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4 Coming Home Outfits for Newborns


Zip Footie


Easy, simple, and practical. We love a one piece outfit that you can put on and go. Made from organic cotton, the Birch Zip Footie is our absolute favorite. The double zipper makes for easy diaper changes. Grab a few sizes and colors. We promise your babe will be living in these!

 Birch Footie Sleeper

Layette set


Layette sets have won over our hearts. The wrap style top makes for easy dressing and the footie pants ensure warm little tootsie toes. Available in many colors and sizes newborn and 0-3M. These are a bit ‘dressier’ of an option for your coming home outfit.

Layette Set




Gowns are another one and done outfit. Just tie the bottom and you are ready to rock. Gowns make for the easiest diaper changes. The Elm Knot Gown is made of a buttery soft stretch fabric, while the Woods Gown is an organic cotton ribbed fabric. All available in gender neutral shades for your little boy or girl. 

Knotted Gown 

Separates: bodysuit + pants

With so many neutral pieces in the shop, the options to mix and match separates are nearly endless! We suggest bodysuits with joggers or leggings for a comfy and cute style. This option looks a little less "pajama-y" and more ready to take on the big new world! The Alder Bodysuit is a classic long sleeve ribbed bodysuit made of organic cotton. It comes in a rainbow of muted tones for your sweet babe. Ribbed Leggings, Boden Joggers, and Drawstring Pants are all great bottoms with incredibly soft fabric and plenty of stretch.

Bodysuit + pants

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